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Advanced Automotive Design is a specialisation in the IDE Master's program in Delft University of Technology that specializes in the automotive design domain from a strategic perspective

C,mm,n(pronounced ‘common’) is an open source community for sustainable personal mobility.

Car Body Design, for automotive design and engineering. CBD is an independent publication created in 2004 by Marco Traverso and currently run by Rome-based company Line22 SRL.

Car Design News, an online resource for automotive design. Car Design News is part of Ultima Media, a company dedicated to providing B2B information and events for the global automotive industry.

Car Design Online is an internet resource for the automotive design community and the interested individual or professional. The content is designed to cater to a greater understanding of the industry's processes rather than its end results. The content covers all aspects of design, from styling and modelling to the less exciting legislation and technical background. The intention with Car Design Online is to provide a rounded, serious and informative approach to the supply of automotive design information. Each section within the site will grow with time to include a much greater level of detail.

Concept Car Online, a resource for car design, automotive design, industrial and product design and the future of transport.

For inspiration: 40 examples of creative automotive advertisements.

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See also: Land transport

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