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The recording of a design using a digital 3D model and technical drawings is known as TecDoc (TEChnical DOCumentation). The 3D geometry can be used for Simulation and testing also.

The complete technical documentation package consists of digital 3D models of parts and (sub-)assemblies (components, products) and derived animations (e.g. AVI or MPEG), renderings and technical drawings. All these TecDoc items are made using software such as SolidWorks, PTC's ProENGINEER, Autodesk Inventor or Autodesk AutoCAD.

The technical drawing is one of the several types of design sketches. The art of technical drawing has to be done according to international standards. Technical drawing systems include mono draw­ings, assembly drawings and often sub-assembly drawings. Technical drawings are used to build three-dimensional models and for the final production of the design. They are also used to check the dimensions of the final product after production (quality control). This becomes more and more important nowadays for it's common to send 3D geometries to computer controlled production machines.

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